“We are not a surveillance production line, rather your case is the only one that matters to us.”

Warren J. Sonne, President

Surveillance provides you and your clients with the means to verify a persons real life daily activities. At SunState Investigative Services, surveillance is both an art and a science. Prior to private detective being dispatched a complete and thorough background investigation is conducted on every subject so that a surveillance plan can be tailored to each individual case. We will verify the subjects known addresses, employment, vehicle registrations, identify others in the household and their vehicles, identify relatives and associates. A pre-surveillance visit to the subject’s location will be made to evaluate whether one, or multiple investigators will be necessary to successfully complete the assignment. Issues of population density, demographics, availability of mass transit, number of entrances to the residence or place of employment including garages, etc., are all taken into consideration.

Unless there is specific knowledge that a subject will be in a certain place at a certain time, our investigators will conduct surveillance in six (6) hour blocks of time, beginning with the most appropriate hours for the subject’s individual lifestyle. If no activity is observed the hours will be changed for the next surveillance until the subject’s pattern is learned.

From that point on, our expert investigators will document the subject’s

daily activities and communicate them to you quickly so that you can determine if the investigation should be continued or terminated.

In the end, the issue of who will be conducting your investigations will have a direct impact on the results, both short and long term. Not only do we want to “get the tape” but we will be there for our clients up to and including our professional testimony at trial.