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Private Investigator Port St Lucie, FL

The Federal Government has the F.B.I.

Your choice of a private investigator will have a direct impact upon you, your law firm, or company.

Our knowledge and expertise will provide you with the evidence you need, locally, nationally, or internationally.

Above all, our focus upon the legal, insurance and the business communities allows us to become part of your team. We are highly skilled in the use of public, proprietary, Internet, media, and government databases, locally, nationally and internationally. These are not Google searches!

Experience, In-depth quality private investigation & research, and “Best Practice” private investigative methods produce facts and solutions that will work for you.

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Investigative Services

Expert Analyst for FOX NEWS

Special Points
of Interest

  • Professional Investigators from the Law Enforcement community.
  • Best Practices solutions.
  • Global Network to get your information when and where you need it.
  • Multiple information driven sources.

Client Reviews

We have been very impressed with their skill at computerized investigation utilizing public, proprietary and governmental data bases to locate information, and prepare comprehensive reports on individuals, businesses and experts (both legitimate and junk scientists

Edward L. Birnbaum
Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
40 Wall Street, New York, NY

Mr. Sonne has consistently provided expeditious and professional services. I consider Mr. Sonne to be a necessary and integral part of the team that I bring together to assist in the representation of my clients, which include, but are not limited to, Fortune Ten Corporations.

Peter J. Fazio
Aaronson Rappaport
Feinstein & Deutsch, LLP
757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

I have worked on many cases with Warren and his team. They are prepared, through and professional. I recommend Warren for your investigatory needs.

Jonathan Aronson
Aronson Law Firm
95 Merrick Way, Miami, FL 33134

How We Work?

We envision ourselves as partners, not vendors.

Partnerships are constant work. At Sun State, we are up to the task of true partnership with our clients. A task that begins with listening: working to understand your needs, concerns, objectives, values and philosophy.

The better we understand, the more we can help. From early case assessment, to the delivery of our final report or testimony. You’ll see us working with you, rather than just for you as dedicated partners.