Genealogy Investigations & Probate Matters –
Identify and Locate Heirs

There are many reasons for identifying and locating people, but certainly none more personal than an investigation to identify and locate relatives.  Maybe you are building a Family Tree, or perhaps you’re involved in a Probate matter and need to confirm known next-of-kin and/or determine and locate any missing heirs.

These types of investigation require expertise in the use of Specialized Genealogy Data Bases, Government Repositories of Historical Records, Clerk of Court Records, Religious Records, Vital Records and much more.  Identifying lineage through the acquisition of current and historical records and personal interviews is a cornerstone of genealogy, but identifying and locating unknown or missing heirs is the domain of the private investigator.

At Sunstate, we are expert at conducting Due Diligence “Heirship” Private Investigations to assist you.

If you are a Family Law Attorney involved in a Probate Matter we will investigate to identify, locate, confirm and report known and unknown distributees of the decedent.  We will provide you with a detailed investigative report containing the names, pedigree information and current contact information so that you can provide notice of estate or trust matters.  Our investigative reports are also of value in Property Matters.

If you are an individual who has hit a roadblock with your Family Tree, please call and speak with us.  Your consultation is free.  772 466-1717.