Our Mission – Investigative Services

The Mission of Sun State Investigative Services, Inc., is to serve our clients in the area of investigative, security, and consulting services. We recognize that our existance and continued growth are based upon our integrity, work product, and ethical relationships with our clients and we will strive to meet these objectives.

Our GOAL is to provided Superior performance, which means:

We will deliver the highest quality services, which address the needs of our clients.

Our dealings with our clients, employees, other professionals, and the subjects of our investigations will be marked by dignity, fairness and respect.

We will maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency and constantly strive to improve our investigative and consulting services.

We will continuously reinvest in the business to maintain and improve our ability to provide quality investigative services and to insure our clients’ information is safe and secure. By providing quality investigative and consulting services we will maintain business longevity.

Our investigators will comply with the laws of the various states in which we operate, and we will never place our clients in jeopardy of criminal actions.

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